This is a list of movies and documentaries that feature an ape or shrewdness of apes.

To a human being an ape is our closest living relative, we in fact share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees. So you can see why it can be easy to make movies about them, whether its Planet of the Apes 1-5, King Kong or films that show friendship such as Duston Checks In, Ed or Every Which Way But Loose.

A common theme amongst ape films is their use in animal research and how they have either been raised by a human or a human has helped them escape. When it comes to documentaries that study apes in their natural habitat there are plentiful, especially those involving great apes such as the giant mountain gorillas of Rwanda, the oranguatans of Borneo, it is their similar human nature and how as humans we are impacting on their natural environment is what we really need to take from such documentaries.