Where To Watch Animal Documentaries

No matter where you are in the world, you'll have abundant options on watching animal documentaries, movies and shorts with the myriad of choices online now. Where we can, we link to each and every feature on sites where you can legally watch that feature.

There are sites which have huge catalogues like Amazon and Netflix and there are individual channels creating their own animal documentaries like HBO, BBC and others.

Full list of Places to Watch Animal Documentary & Movies

Amazon has over 700 animal based documentaries and over 1,000 movies which feature many types of animal. It is a subscription service which you pay for a Prime membership once per year to access most of the videos available in their catalogue.

Netflix has over 900 documentaries, so less than half of what is available on Amazon. This is another subscription service, of which you pay monthly rather than yearly.

HBO creates a great deal of their own documentaries with a few of them relating to the wildlife and nature categories. Another subscription service, with HBO Go.

Youtube probably has more documentaries than any other service out there, the problem is the legality of most of those documentaries. There is a bit of a grey area regards the copyright, and as stated on Youtube fair use page, if the video is for research or educational purposes, of which all documentaries can fit within this, then they are potentially legal to watch on Youtube.

BBC has some of the best nature, wildlife and animal documentaries the world has ever seen, thanks to David Attenboroughs approach and the dedication put in to their creation.